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 Canine Canada Goose Control With Long Lasting Effects
    How much does our Goose Control cost? 
    Pricing is predicated on many different variables including size of property, size of pond or lake, surroundings, the amount of Canada Geese and our customer's budget.  We can customize a program to meet your budget and geese control needs. We usually can email a proposal within a few business days.

  Our Certified Training at Work for You
  We approach each location as a unique setting and can adjust our program to solve your specific problems. Our employees have Certified Training from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA).      Our handlers will direct our goosedogs to "herd" or chase the geese off grassy areas and water. RMGC will also work with you to develop or refine your Canada Geese management plan to fit your budget.  Because we are a locally owned and operated family business we take pride in keeping you geese free. 

    We comply with the Migratory Bird treaty of 1918 and PETA. 

 Egg Addling:
 We hold a VALID CLASS B NUISANCE WILDLIFE CONTROL PERMIT with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to humanely Addle Canada Goose eggs and remove their nests as required by the USFWS.  Egg addling refers to any process used to stop the development of the embryo. This process is done in early spring during the period when geese are nesting and within 14 days of incubation. 


Call or send us your information to set up a Free, No Hassle, No Obligation site survey and estimate to get rid of your nuisance Canada geese.    
OUR Services
    At RMGC, we take care to provide our customers a high quality service personalized for their unique needs to    humanely get rid of nuisance wild geese using herding methods.  Our trained herding dogs play a crucial role in controlling the Canada geese on our clients' properties.  We are constantly researching the latest in Canada geese migration patterns, habits and issues they cause  to our environment and health.

   Our goal is to help our customers create a friendly balance between humans and the wild Canada geese that take a liking to our man made habitats.
   Why does Our Certified Wild Geese Control Work?

     Our intense, CERTIFIED training at the NWCOA taught us most everything we need to know about Canada Geese biology, nesting habits, fears,  migration, canine geese control and flock behavior. 

     Our Certified Handlers apply predatory pressure through daily canine patrols.   If the wild geese population is high we may initially perform several canine patrols a day to disrupt their feeding pattern.  Once the geese, that have been accustomed to calmly foraging on your property, realize their feeding site has predators, they will leave to find a safer place.


Safety and precautions 
Safety is key to our Certified Goose Control work.
Some of our safety protocols include the following:  
  • Waiting for people to clear an area or complete their activities before allowing the dogs to herd and harass geese.    
  • Driving slowly with hazards on and giving pedestrians a wide berth. 
  • Wearing PFD's when accessing water by kayak or other watercraft. 
  • Dogs and handlers are uniformed for ease of identification by the public. 
  • Hazing with canines is “paws off “.
  • When performing nest and egg depredation we work in teams of two.
  • Highly trained Goose Dogs nurtured and trained to never harm a goose.

We Get Rid of Geese . . . Fast!

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